How will you pay my rent if the property is vacant?

This is the corner stone of what we do and have the resources to pay your rent each month without fail leaving you with nothing to worry about, that we guarantee.

How much do i have to pay for this service?

Our service is completely free and we have no hidden costs.

If i rented you my flat how long before you could start paying me rent?

Straight away, as soon as 48 hours of first contact, you don't have to wait for us to find a tenant.

What sort of people will be living in my property?

We are very careful about who we rent to and use some of the top referencing agencies, we only rent to single working professionals and corporate company employees.

Can i get a reference from a few of your clients?

Sure, we would be happy to give you references from some of our clients, we would also offer you the opportunity to visit 1 or 2 properties we manage and see how we do things.